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Stage Driver

Story ID:6376
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Stage Rider, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Stage Driver

Stage Driver

People think Stage Driving
Doesnít take any brains
Try driving six white horses
With your hands full of reins.

Sittin atop
This wooden box
Jerkin and lurchin
Until the next Stage stop.

Is no easy thing
Itís a heck of a task
To keep those horses on the road
Tis all you can ask

With your left foot braced on the base board
Right foot on the brake
High up on this rough ridin stage
Itís Like shake and bake

Winter or summer
Throughout heat, snow and rain
Gotta keep those horses movin
In this long wagon train.

Whip em going uphill
Rein them in goin down
Out on the level
Theyíre on their own.

Your shotgun beside you
For protection, you see
For wild Indians, or bandits
By your right knee

Always ready for action
Loaded with buckshot
For those that would rob you
And shoot you on the spot.

Panning for Gold is for sissies
Herding cattle an easy life
Buyin a home
Finding a wife

Easy job to do
But whatís now the rage
Is looking for he-men
For drivin a stage.

Heís out in the open
Lookin death in the eye
Drivin six white horses
And as he goes by

You hear

On Dobbin and Robin,
On Betty and Bob
On Hettie and Nettie
Your doin a fine job.
Monte L. Manka 09-30-10