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Jerry and Pixie - Cat News

Story ID:6400
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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JERRY .... is the orange long-haired cat who lost his guardian to suicide. Judy who had Aids did the unthinkable one day. For some inexplicable reason she just took a gun to her head and shot herself. After the horror and sadness of this event -Allen her friend and my neighbor took in Judy's 3 cats - Ripple, Stymie, and Jerry. She left behind two daughters and a son but obviously, they didn't have her passion for cats and I guess didn't volunteer to take any of them.

In his new home -Jerry was not a happy camper and one day he escaped to the outdoors. It was summer time when this happened and a good thing because his coat was able to grow with the seasons. So he spent his first winter outdoors with little consequence to his well being. For a long time he just came on my porch to eat and drink water, but he kept a respectful distance from me as well as from others. Gradually this changed, and I would find him eager and ready to see me as soon as I got up in the morning because he knew that soon he would receive his morning breakfast from me.

I knew that I would have to take him in come winter time because I didn't want him to spend another cold winter outdoors. So I decided to try a dry run. One day in late summer I took a towel and wrapped him up in it and took him to the partially finished basement where 4 of my rescued cats live. I put him on my father's old wooden work bench and when Patrick came near, he started to vocally object. I didn't want an altercation so I whisked him back outside again.

Then last week we had a very cold rainy week. It seemed like it would never let up and this rain-lover even felt that enough was enough. Because of this inclement weather, I decided I should try again to bring him in. This time it worked. Even when I open the door now to get in to feed the cats, he doesn't try to make a mad dash up the stairs and post himself at the door which leads outside. I wonder though if he sometimes looks wistfully out when he perches on the window sill - especially when it is nice and warm like today and wish he was outside again. I am just hoping though that he realizes that he no longer has to sleep with one eye open during the night for protection or shiver when its cold outside.

PIXIE. One day I couldn't find Pixie my upstairs cat. She was obviously hiding, and cat people know what that means. She was not feeling well. Well, my living quarters are small so it wasn't long before I found her in my closet under my hanging slacks. I decided to clear out the closet of the box of shoes and some empty bird seed bags which I forgot about and use for litter disposal. And then I dry mopped it and threw down a chair cushion which she readily accepted. I even opened up the window which hadn't been opened for years.

I remember that not too long ago that she had been impacted because she only expelled pellets. So I realized that I should try the tube of cat laxative on her. I smeared some on her mouth a couple of times and she didn't like that at all and snared at me. She remained hidden in the closet basically for a couple of days but I placed a dish of food and a container of water at the front of the closet- hoping she would eat and drink. That would certainly be a good sign. And then on the third day I noticed that she did indeed try to eat and knew then that she was on the mend.

But I had really been worried about her and I remember getting up early Sunday morning and praying the rosary for her. I had missed her coming near me when I was at the computer or on the couch watching TV - wanting me to slide my hand over her head - back- and up her tail several times. This did not happen on that Saturday and Sunday.

I had been so worried about her that every time during the night when I needed to use the bathroom I would poke my head into the closet to see if she was still alive. That's how worried I had been about her. But sometime on Monday she finally came out of hiding and was herself again. She also really felt good to be able to come by me at the computer for her regular rub down. If she could have sung, she would have and did as close to a dance which a cat can do. Thank God. Taking her to a vet would have been very difficult because she doesn't like man-handling. She bit me as a kitten when I caught her to place in a carrier and a visit to the vet for spaying. And then believe me- my success rate with vets is poor. But again - I'm not good at making decisions either. One vet thought I wanted to put my cats down when they were sick. No, I didn't want them to suffer and this vet had no curative powers in his arsenal I began to realize. I think I do better on my own and so do the cats. So many I took to the vet were really not cured. They usually died soon after. Yes, of course, as a last measure I do take them in. I always hope they can help them.

One other realization re her illness. I realize more and more that giving my cats too much fish is a bad idea. I believe especially for her. One day when I was rubbing and scratching her back I was shocked to feel fish like scales come under my finger nails. Well since then I have reduced the canned fish products especially for Pixie and I no longer experience a scalely back. That was a weird feeling. Her back is nice and smooth now when I rub and scratch it.

I hope that Pixie and Jerry will be happy and well as well as my other cats and Casey, my dog. I know all of us who have companion animals hope for the same. We all have stories about them because yes, they are part of our family and we love them.