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A Measure of Time

Story ID:6417
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 2B2 Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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A Measure of Time

Beneath a wooden bridge
beside the park

the river is a swirl
of foam-filled bubbles

loose branches
meandering in the stream

a southerly flow.

Around the bend ripples
overcome a bridge
of stone. Aware of my presence
a squirrel skitters upwards.

I am a child of my past,
peanut butter fingers
fishing with a worm hooked
below the surface.

A nearby plaque:
“In ’36 three men entombed
141 feet below, seeking crowns
of gold within the granite,
one man died.”

Steeped in time, the village
is a story of pride
stapled to a gravel road,
mindful of its place in history.

© Richard L. Provencher

first published September/October 2010
Barrier Islands Review Issue 4