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Milford Victory (troopship)

Story ID:6505
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Homeward Bound Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Milford Victory (troopship)

Milford Victory (troopship)

Boarded the “Milford Victory”

We boarded the “Milford Victory,” in 1946
Sgt. John Brosious and I
Headed for home
Our spirits were high

We docked at Yokohama
Dozens of Japanese girls were on the dock
Soldiers were all whistling
We could barely hear them talk

As they said come on down Joe
You can have some fun
Sorry girls
We gotta run.

We’re headed home
No time to waste
Finally sailing
To the United States.

We left Yokohama and sailing on
Every thing was going fine
Then we hit two Tuesdays
As we crossed that International Date Line

This added to our time
I thought Wednesday would never come
Hurry on Father time
Get us the heck back home.

I took this picture of the Sun
As it sat on the Pacific Ocean
The sea was calm
Very little motion

Then two days outside Washington
We hit ground swells
Then things seemed
To go all to hell

We tied ourselves into our sacks
Our belts were pulled tight
To keep from being thrown
Onto the floor as we slept at night.

When the sea finally calmed down
I was awakened to an urgent call
Must have been something I had eaten
I thought I was in a music hall

Have you ever heard three hundred soldiers
Sound asleep, each snoring in their beds
Each making different sounds
Bouncing off the steel overhead.

There were sopranos
Altos, even bass
Throaty, sputtering, blubbering
Whistlers, popper lips
I had to hide my face

I was laughing so hard
As I headed out,
I wondered if I snored at night
No doubt.

We landed in Washington
I headed for the Stateside PX
I was craving a Mr. Good Bar, Candy bar
I was a wreck.

I bought a full box
And preceded to eat them all
After ten, I got so sick
I was looking for a medic on call

Met up with some buddies
Kansas here we come
Finally am going to see
Home Sweet Home.

Monte L. Manka 11-07-10

1945 MILFORD VICTORY, U.S. War Shipping Admin., Baltimore. (Grace Line Inc), troop transport.
1969 Seized after fire damage at Durban as unseaworthy and sold to scrap merchants. Towed to Taiwan and scrapped.