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Give Me Back My Feather Tick

Story ID:6512
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Seeking Comfort, Chelsea Kansas Kansas Kid
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Give Me Back My Feather Tick

Give Me Back My Feather Tick

I remember sinking into
My feather tick at night
Mom would fluff those pillows
Until they were just right.

Pat and shape that old mattress
Filled with goose down feathers
It was easy to stay comfy and warm
In that snowy cold winter weather.

Today I have a mattress
Made of stone
I got a new four-inch thick
Piece of Styrofoam

That lay atop my mattress
For more comfort, you see
Forms to the humps and lumps
The make up of my body

This Styrofoam addition
Is now four years old
Lost some of its resiliency
As my body it does enfold

When I go to bed at night
After a few minutes if I try to turn
Itís like Iím in a deep ditch
Like butter in a churn.

When I finally change position
And the new one I take
Around my body
The foam now slowly does reshape.

Buy a new mattress you say
Good Grief thatís a lot of money
Give me back my feather tick
Iíll be in ďThe Land of Milk and Honey.Ē

Monte L. Manka 11-10-10