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The Battle of the bands II

Story ID:6524
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Nostalgic Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Battle of the bands II

Battle of the Bands

Just yesterday
As we sat in the stands
Shirley and I watched intently
As we observed the “Battle of the Bands.”

All the High Schools
From two dozen different towns
Competed with their band routines
With all other bands around.

The different School “Colors”
Shown in the uniforms they wear
Those shiny, shiny instruments
That each handles with care.

From those white gloves
Right down to their shiny shoes
They do their best in this crucial test
So much practice to do the things they do.

Sent me back sixty plus years
Down Camp Fannin Texas way
When I marched
It was another sunny day

Our uniforms were Olive Drab
As we dressed in our “Class A’s”
Rifles cleaned and oiled
On our right shoulder they lay

Our bayonets in their scabbards
Hanging by our side
Boots with fresh dubbin
And we marched with pride

AS our Sergeant called cadence “Hup, Two Three, Four”
We were observed from the stands
Loaded with Majors, Colonels, and a General or two
Led with our own Army band,

Your heart is racing
With a thousand others or more
As you march around
On that parade ground floor

Always in the front
Our guide carries the Red, White, and Blue
You feel so proud you want to yell out loud
“USA I Love You”

Back to the present
To a later time
“El Modena” took first place
For the third time.

Congratulations “El Mo”
You know the way to go
Your excellence does show
It’s “Vision” docha know.

Ya did good Chad.(Our Grandson)
Monte L. Manka 11-14-2010