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Limericks about my dogs

Story ID:6528
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Dog Gonned Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Limericks about my dogs

We had a Shepherd named Billie
He chased his tail willy, nilly
But when the sunset
You could make a bet
Hed bring in those cows, he was a dilly

We had a Terrier Named Jiggs
Loved to chase our pigs
He thought it a big deal
When he made those pigs squeal
Dad put Jiggs in the brig.

We had a Rat Terrier named Muggs
Rats and Mice he did bug
Hed grabem and shakem
Their necks he did breakem
And walk away with a shrug

We had a Collie named Brodie
His bark was deep and throaty
We found him shot
By a hunter who musta thought
He was a coyote

We had a hunting dog-named prince
Who chewed a hole in my redwood fence
He didnt die
I wondered why
Havent seen him since.

We had a dog-named "Old Red"
He almost wound up dead
Relieved himself on a Chevy Volt
It gave him quite a jolt
Now he looks for Buicks instead.

We had a bird dog named Brandy
Who was sweet as sugar candy
When we would leave she would grieve
She chewed the fronds off our fresh-planted palm tree
Gave her to a friend that was handy.

We have a Cock-a-Poo named Tuffy
Whose tan coat is soft and fluffy
When we leave home
And hes going to be all alone
Hed get all Huffy and Puffy

Okay Now, I am sure youve had a pet or two in your lifetime Why not give it a try. Write your limerick about your pet. We did not have a dog named Fred.

A Monte idea????????????? MM