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That Old Sycamore Tree

Story ID:6535
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Dreamin Chelsea KaNSAS kID
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The Old Sycamore Tree

If the Good Lord would grant me one wish
Take off 74 years, the place I would want to be
Is with my cane pole, down at my favorite fishing hole
Leaning back against that Old Sycamore Tree

In the early summer morn, past that green field of corn
Shirtless and shoeless Iíd be
Happy as a lark, I would then park
In the shade of that Magnificent Old Sycamore Tree

On that Walnut river bank, waiting for a yank
Anticipating catching a large catfish and see
My old red cork bobber disappear neath the water
As I wait patiently under that Stately Old Sycamore Tree

With not a care, Iím willing to share
With the birds and squirrels that be
Taking no chances, as they play high in the branches
Of that Fabulous Old Sycamore Tree.

She stood straight as an arrow
With hundreds of limbs, thousands of leaves
There by the river, much cover she did deliver
That Grand Old Sycamore Tree.

Itís simply a dream that Iím down by that stream
Itís just me, I have to agree, I probably will never again see
That lovely old lady, with branches many and shady
That Fabulous, Magnificient, Grand, Old Sycamore Tree
Monte L. Manka 11-17-2010