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Ya Want My Job?

Story ID:6539
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Non Flying Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Ya Want My Job?

Ya Want My Job?

Ya Want My Job?

Ya Want My Job?

I travel the freeway
To LAX today
I work for Janet
And the TSA.

This job has little appeal
As a thousand men
I x-ray grope and feel
To make their flight safe and then

Iím told
Iím to make an exception
In a certain
Religious direction

Of some religious ladies
Seated over there
No touchy or no feely
Before they take to the air

What gives them the right to object?
Weíre only here to protect
Maybe prevent a terrible wreck
Heightens the reason to suspect

Some Hanky Panky
Crafted by ďThe TalibanĒ
To heap upon us more carnage
Wears our patience mighty thin

As we suffer
Barbs and punches
Wrath and anger
By the bunches

How can you expect
Us not to be a snob
After all
This is our job.

Those many horror stories
Those indignities that you hear
Could they be intentional
Just to intensify your flying fear?

If you donít want to be x-rayed and groped
Donít stand there and gripe and moan
Leave the air travel to some one else
And YOU just stay at home.

Monte L. Manka