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Story ID:6540
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Lucky Friend and Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Thanksgiving 1
One thing that I was thankful for

Jay and I was looking for something to do
Riding around the El Dorado streets
A couple days before Thanksgiving Day
We stopped at the American Legion to shoot some skeetís.

Jay was a big boy
Over six feet
Weighed a couple hundred pounds
As he planted his feet,

He yelled, ďPullĒ
To the operator in the pit
I heard the biggest boom
And on the ground Jay did hit.

I heard a whistling sound
As 19 inches of the barrel of the gun
Passed close my face
Too late to cut and run.

Jay picked himself up off the ground
My Dadís Shotgun Jay threw down
Shaken but not hurt
Jay turned around

And said letís go Iíve had enough
Staggered off as if he was drunk
I picked up my Dadís broken shotgun
Placed it in the trunk

Jay we were both so darn lucky
You and I
We both could have lost
An eye

Or worse

But the Good Lord was looking out for us
Two kids that had forgotten
To check that gun barrel for any obstruction
That day ended really rotten.

Dad was mad when he saw his broken gun

I told him what happened
This is what he said
Jay is a lucky kid
He could have ended up dead.

Weíre still here today
Jay and I alive
80 plus years old
Hurray we did survive

Monte L. Manka 11-20-10