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Not another class reunion

Story ID:6554
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:HEMET ca. USA
Person:N0 reunion Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Not another class reunion

Not another class reunion

Not another class reunion

I got a new laptop computer
For my 84th birthday
Thought about nothing else
For a couple days

Then while I was wondering
Around half deaf, half dumb, half blind
My ten year High School class Reunion
Suddenly crossed my mind

While living in El Dorado
Back in “54”
It was the first reunion
For the class of “44”

My classmates looked different
The girls especially
There wasn't a plain one in the bunch
They were dressed to a “T”

All their hair was different
Especially the way it was set
All the dark hair girls were now blonde
All the blondes now brunette.

No more high necked sweaters
lots of beautiful gowns
No more blouses and skirts
As I looked around.

They gathered
Each in their seperate clique
What a lovely bunch of ladies
I thought quite unique

Photos were passed around
As I mingled I could see
Their childrens pictures
And photos of their family.

After much handshaking
And many “How do you do's”
I left My Ten Year High School Reunion
And later El Dorado too.

Back from El Dorado from California
For just one more
I'm glad they passed out name tags
Didn't recognize the guys and gals anymore

I'll probably
Never see
Another High School Reunion
in that small town on the prarie

I'll just get out my High School Annual
Stare at all those young faces
Dream of the old times
And my favorite places.
Monte L. Manka 11-25-10