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The Gypsy's Invasion of our Farm

Story ID:6565
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Under attack Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Gypsy's Invasion of our Farm

The Gypsy's Invasion of our Farm

The Gypsy's Invasion of our Farm

The Gypsy's Invasion of our Farm

The Gypsy Invasion of our farm

One warm sunny morning
While my Uncle Ves and me
Were sitting neath the shade
Of an old Mulberry tree

My Uncles feet on the treadles
Of that old round grinding stone
While he sharpened the sections
On that sickle bar off that mowing machine
horse drawn

Above the scraping noise
Of the metal on the stone
We could hear a car coming up the road
Soon we were not alone.

When that old car
Stopped in our back yard
Four doors flew open
Five people got out caught my Uncle off guard

The ladies were dressed
In full skirts and funny shoes
Men were in baggy pants
The sight of four we did lose

My Uncle told me to go into the house
Hook the screens front and back
Stay in the house
It was like we were under attack.

One talked to my Uncle
While the other's seemed to disappear
Into the barn and hen house
What was said I did not hear.

Later when they left
Not an egg was in sight
The Gyppsy's had taken all
We had no idea what else they might

Have taken while my uncle was
At that gringing wheel
Those Gypsy's were experts
In the field of "steal".

Day's later Dad would be looking
For a hammer or a wrench
It'd evidently been stolen
By the Gypsy's off Dad's workbench

This took place
in 1931 or 1932
Back when I was five or six
I know it's true.

As the years wore on
The Gypsy's seemed to disappear
I think it was those farmers shotguns
That they learned to fear.

Monte L. Manka 11-29-10