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Dual Images--

Story ID:6577
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Can't be me Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Dual images--

While sitting in a barber chair
And as Suzy B. was
Trimming my hair

I faced a giant mirror
Our reflections I could see
Both me and
Suzy B.

During the trimming
Suzy said to me
This mirror tells us
This is what our friends see.

Then the thought
Hit me
In my mind
Something different I see.

I don't see sparse gray hair
Or the wrinkled skin
Or that paunch
Just beneath my chin,

The sunken cheeks
Or bad teeth
Or the knurled knuckles
This is what the mirror sees.

In my mind behind my eyes
There's been no change in me
I don't care what
That mirror sees

My hair is still brown
Around the muscles the skin still taught
Neat and tanned
Knuckles not in a Knot

Rounded cheeks
Teeth of white
Body slim
Not uptight.

But that giant mirror
On the wall
Seems to tell
It all

So I'll learn to respect
Those reflections
In that giant mirror
That will show all my imperfections

I'll still see
What I want to see
And not let that mirror image
Bother me.

Monte L. Manka 12-02-10