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Shopping for a New Car

Story ID:6584
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:My Chevy Volt Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Shopping for a New car

I'm shopping for a new car
I am feeling kinda trendy
I go to my Chevy dealer
For a car environmentally friendly.

I entered the Chevy showroom
To check on a Chevy Volt
When the salesman gave me a price
I got an unfriendly jolt.

Thirty three thousand dollars
Was the price I heard him quote
For a Lithium battery powered car
The new Chevy Volt.

100 miles to a charge
When the batteries unload
Then 10 hours charging later
You'd be back on the road.

I asked why that cable
That on the bumper could be found
The salesman told me that
This was a dragging “ground”

Yo keep from shocking you
When you stepped into your car
If it wasn't grounded
When you touched it you'd be seeing stars.

After I purchased the Chevy Volt
A trip to Laughlin I was planning
I figured I could get
From Hemet to Banning.

In my Lithium powered car
Before the needle got into the red
And I was stranded along the road
Because my battery went dead.

After a ten hour charge
I could make it to Apple Valley
Then take on another charge
While for 10 hours I dilly dally.

I hit the road to Barstow
99 miles away
Before another charge
I'd need right away

10 hours later
I'm back on the road
It's hot can't use the AC
It'll be to much of a load.

As I enter Parumph
No charging station was in sight
I paid a farmer to let me charge
My Chevy Volt overnight.

The next day I reached Laughlin
Only took four days
To travel 350 miles
And the 100 dollars I had to pay.

To charge my Chevy Volt batteries
On electricity, you see
My gambling money had dwindled
To a trickle for Shirley and me.

With my credit card
I sent my Volt back home on a truck
While Shirley and I
Took the Greyhound bus.

(I know this is bad)
Monte L. Manka 12-08-10