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Our New Language

Story ID:6616
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Disgusted Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Our New Language
I have one of those new things called a VCR. I got this thing to record programs that were on when we weren’t home. Another thing I could rent all the latest movies and see them in my own home.
I haven’t rented any movies for quite a while. The local television stations have had some great programs so no need for Videos. We are now in the throes of all the reruns so—I decided to rent a couple videos.
“The Rivers Edge” Sounds intriguing right. Wrong before we were into the tape a couple minutes the verbiage on the tape turned blue. I am a retired Teamster so I have been treated to all the latest cusswords and I am not a prude, but I am now subjected to a bunch of teenagers using the four-letter cusswords in every utterance in the presence of my wife. I am now using my house for a cussing institution. Come to my house and learn from the best actors on stage how to converse with the public.
You can call me a hypocrite if you want because I have had conversations and have used certain epithets to express myself. Especially when I hit my finger accidentally with a hammer, but never in the presence of my grandkids. Kris Kristofferson, Caesar Romero and other good actors use the same language. “The Game” which I thought would be a good mystery turned blue in about the first ten foot of the film. Michael Douglas is above this kind of talk—wrong again, even the women in this thing can cuss like a drunken sailor.
I am against censorship but if they would put on the outside of the tape how many time that the F--- word was used on the rating I could cull out the ones that I could watch in the presence of my wife and Grandkids.
Could you imagine Bogart, Boyer, Autry, or any of the old actors needing a cussword to express themselves? Am I being to “Picky” or do you feel the same way? This present age is going downhill faster than my Dad thought fifty years ago when some actor said damn on the silver screen.
Remember when we all gasped when Gable stated “frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.”
As I sat through these videos I tried to be objective??? I thought, to myself, I would try to make sense of this scene. Then I thought without all this cussing there would be only one “is” and one “and” in the whole conversation and the rest would be cusswords.
Maybe these are the only words that the young actors can say. Maybe their vocabulary consists of these limited words. This also doesn’t say much for the writers that spend so much time editing the dialogue.
I think that it shows the public what our teenagers are watching and listening to either on videos or in the movie houses. I cannot see taking my best girl to a movie and listening to the F--- word used a couple hundred times in the latest “flick.”
Have you taken your Grandkids to a movie lately? The rating means nothing anymore. There are so many ratings that even the ones that make the ratings are confused. G1, G2, G3a, G3b of course these are my ratings but they make as much sense as the ones posted on the movie marquee.
I took Jeff, my grandson 9 years old, and had to keep excusing myself because I was uncomfortable watching and listening to the movie with him.
I will not pay to go to the latest movie with my favorite actor and actresses cussing up a storm.
I can hear you saying poor little Monte his ears are being used to listen to the latest epithet. I really feel sorry for him. Poor baby. Yeh I know but this gives me something to write about.
The next day I head for the video store to get a clean video and I got Harrison Ford and Brian Donlevy and a beautiful blonde in “Presumed Innocent.” I “presumed” this to be a courtroom drama, mystery etc. with no bad words needed in the courtroom. No bad words were used in the courtroom but in the prosecutors office it was as if these lawyers couldn’t express themselves without the four-letter cussword. Here are educated men cussing up a storm when, as far as I could see, it wasn’t needed and added nothing at all to the scene.
Does this language really appeal to the teenagers of today? Do the writers really need cussing as a way to express themselves? If they had my English Lit teacher they could at least write without all the cusswords.
Yes you are right; I don’t have to get anymore videos if I feel this way. This was a Warner Bros. Home video and I thought they were above this. Yes I know –how naïve can this Monte be--He’s old enough to know better. Yeah you are right I don’t know why I’m using you to vent my frustration. Maybe I should grow up and “go with the flow” accept my fate and quit griping.
Monte L. Manka 8-22-99 THE END