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Story ID:6638
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Hemet C.A USA
Person:Don't fly Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Neurosis --- A nervous disorder affecting the action but not the structure of the nervous system, especially one caused by mental influences and not directly traceable to a physical Injury. (Airplanes are injurious to your health)

No I do not have a physical injury from air planes but I am suffering from several Phobias.

May 3, 1946 the DC 3 I was on lost an engine over the Sea of Japan and we landed in Osaka. Aero-o-Phobia fear of airplanes.

May, 5, 1946 a constellation (four engines Whee) taxied up to the hanger so we could board and when the pilot turned the plane he hit the hanger and tore off the end of the wing. Aero-O-Phobia. Fear of Broken Wing.

May 6, 1946 I took off in a DC 3 and the landing gear stuck half way down. Wheel-O-Phobia. Fear of Landing gear July 10, 1965 took plane from Catalina Island to Long Beach airport lost one of the two engines and made a hard landing. Crash-O-Phobia. Fear of landing in water.

February 1980, two planes flew together over the construction site and one of the planes crashed 50ft. from where I was working. Crash-O-Phobia. Fear for my life.

May 19,1998 two planes flew together close to my house and they crashed and burned one 1/2 mile from our house and one I mile from our house. I saw the black smoke after they hit and I saw a piece of one of the planes float to the ground. Junk-O-Phobia and Crash-O-Phobia. Fear for my roof.

A few minutes after the crash the sky was filled with Helicopters. All the news stations had their helicopters out. While I watched I counted 9 helicopters hovering over the two sites of the crashes and I thought if one of them makes a small error in flying, here we go again.

I used to have Calm-0-Phobia but now I have Alert-0- Phobia and go out side the house with a hard hat on for safety.

The lucky thing about this crash, if you could call it luck, was that no one on the ground was hurt. The single engine plane fell between two apartment houses. The poor guys in the plane were killed. One plane landed on a $500,000.00 home and completely destroyed it.

This really makes you stop and think about life. One minute every thing is O.K. and the next chaos.

I have a friend that flew to Turkey, my wife Shirley flew to Germany and my Brother and Sister in law flew to New Zealand I will not even drive past an airport any more.

Plane-O-Phobia thats right fear of airplanes. March 20, 1998 Monte L. Manka