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A Chandelier from Compton

Story ID:6679
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Teamster, Chelsea, Kansas KID
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While waiting on the loader
We started into the house
That we were going to demolish
So through the house we could browse.

We looked for old newspapers
We would find antique mirrors
We found gaslight fixtures
And fancy chandeliers.

This house according to the neighbors
Was a house of ill repute
The light bulbs were painted red
So there was no dispute.

From one bedroom ceiling
A chandelier was hanging down
It was spray painted with aluminum
The glass slides were painted brown.

An Army buddy that I served with in Korea
His wife made it clear
She bugged me all the time
To find her a chandelier.

This thing was so ugly
I took it as a joke
Stuffed it into my truck
Hoping that it wouldn’t get broke.

Took this piece of junk home
Laughing to myself all the way
Wait till I show this to Joan
Couldn’t wait to hear what she’d say.

I just knew that she
Would throw a fit
Tell me to take this thing
And get rid of it.

We invited Mac and Joan
To come over I had something to show
“You found me a chandelier”
She wanted to know

I sat her down in the living room
Making this a big show
Went into the garage
Came back with the Junky chandelier in tow.

She looked at this piece of junk
I was keeping lots of space
And this strange look
Came over her face.

Joan this is just a joke
I did this just to tease
I’ll take it to the trash
Give it to me please.

No way she said
You can’t take this from me
This is just what I wanted
You just wait and see.

This joke
Turned out to be
Something beautiful
Turned out the joke’s on me.

A couple days later
We were asked by Mac and Joan
To please come over
To their home.

Joan took us into the dining room
And over the table hung
A beautiful chandelier
That she and Mac had completely redone.

Mac and Joan moved back to Ohio
She made this mighty clear
The first thing she packed
Was that chandelier.

All this trouble
I went to just to make a joke
Turned out to be
A very lucky stroke.

They’re both gone now
But I’ll make you a bet
That chandelier
Is hanging in someone’s house yet.

Monte Manka 10-13-2006