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A Lucky Old Man

Story ID:6682
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid, Teamster-3
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A Happy Old Man
(Early 1960’s)
We were sent to Long Beach California
The job today
Another beautiful two story house
To demolish and haul away.

Just a few blocks north of Ocean Boulevard
Down on this Long Beach California Street
Five bobtails, two semis and two tractors
Wait for eight o’clock, ‘twas most of the fleet.

Before we start
We break all the windowpanes
So they won’t explode
And cut some workers juggler vein.

As we throw bricks at the windows
We save the “picture window” till last
Then all together on a count of three
“Pow” it’s pile of broken glass

A little old man
Standing out by the street
Danced up and down
He thought breaking windows was mighty neat

I got the OK from the rest
To let this old man break the glass
I handed him half a brick
And told him to make a pass

His first throw hit the sill
No glass did he break
He looked sad and dejected
That he missed his big break

I told him one more time
He stepped closer
Broke the window
And he literally danced with glee

As he danced back into the street
I heard him say to me
I’ve always wanted to break a window
He said clapping his hands happily

All the work crew
Were laughing at the old man
While he rubbed his hands together
A happy, happy man.

The tractors started moving
The old man moved on down the street
Only took something simple
To make his day complete.

I think about this often
Now that I’m an old man
But breaking windows
Is not in my plan.

Monte L. Manka 1-12-11