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Clearing a lot in South Gate

Story ID:6686
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid Teamster-4
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Clearing a lot in South Gate

On this lot in South Gate
A house and a detached garage
Several sheds for pets
And tons of gar-bage.

This lot was half block deep
Not very wide
We had to remove a six-foot wooden fence
That bordered either side.

Two forty foot Palm Trees
Stood in the way
Leroy knocked them down
So we could start the day.

When the Palm trees
Hit the ground
Ten thousand rats came out of the fronds
And were running all around.

We jumped into our trucks
Until the rats ran away
Not a very pretty sight
To start the day.

After several trips to the dump
And the lot was clear of debris
Leroy started pulling down the fence
While we waited patiently.

As the fence came down
All the houses that backed up to this lot
Their back yards were exposed
For all their junk they would have to find another spot.

There were six marijuana-potted plants
On this patio behind the fence
This hippie came out of the patio door
Pulling on his pants.

He stood there with a silly grin
Hair all messy and no shirt
Scratching his belly
Watching us working in the dirt.

Suddenly it hit him with a jolt
His plants were exposed
For all the neighbors to see
The problem of hiding them upon him was posed.

His frantic antics
Carting the five-gallon pots inside
He was rushing full tilt
Trying hard to hide.

I was laughing so hard
I thought my sides would split
Leroy stopped the loader
He was having a laughing fit.

This little incident
Made our day
We forgot about all the dirt and rats
We had suffered through today.

Monte Manka 10-10-2006