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The Case of the Missing point (a Mitchum mystery)

Story ID:6689
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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I awakened at what was my usual time and reached for the old Big Ben alarm clock that always sits beside my bed side,but for some strange reason,it was missing.Hmmm I thought to My Self,i could have sworn it was right there last night.
I struggled up out from beneath the warm blanket and stomped into the kitchen to makemyself a bowl of hot oat meal,reached into the cabinet for the skillet to heat it up and found that it too was missing!What in the world is going on,I ask myself,I know that pot is always right there!I decided to just go on to work and catch a snack on the way.
I went out and cranked my car,warmed it up a bit and began backing out of my drive,narrowly missing my garbage can as I did so,I tried the brakes but the brake peddal was missing and I went all the way backwards into my neighbors yard,just missing his fence as I did so.Shoot I thought,I better call the boss and tell Him that I might be a bit late this morning,I thought.When I phoned in the Secretary informed me that I had just missed Him.Ok,I am gonna have to take the Bus to work I said,as I approached the Bus Stop I saw the Bus just pulling away.seems as if I had just missed it!I glanced down at my Watch to see how long it would be before another bus would come but my Watch was missing also!
Ok,if you have read this tale this far I guess you can tell what the point of it is,yep you guessed it,It's MISSING!
:) Bob Mitchum