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Apartment Lot in Irvine

Story ID:6695
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Peaceful Chelsea Kansas Kid Teamster-6
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Apartment Parking Lot in Irvine

Monte take a 2000 gallon water truck
Go down to a lot in Irvine
Hose off all the mud and sand
Clean it before nine.

I filled the tank
Went into the lot
Started washing down
All the sandy spots.

While I was hosing
On some of the parked cars
I did splash some mud and sand
I would come back later and wipe off all the scars.

These apartments
Were of the upper crust
Lots of Mercedes cars
Lincoln, Cadillac’s no pickup trucks.

An older well dressed lady came to get her car
She saw some splattered spots
With her hands on her hips
She turned and proceeded to tell me off.

I stood there taking all her guff
She said she had paid fifty bucks
Just yesterday
To have it polished and buffed.

This went on for five or ten
I apologized and got some paper towels
Washed off the spots in question
She ceased to howl.

AS she started to drive off
I said hold it a just a “sec”
I see a spot I missed
I hope you won’t object.

She laughed out loud
And apologized
For blowing her stack
And why you I chastised.

I’m in a terrible mood
Staying with me is my grandson
He’s driving me crazy
So patience I have none.

This lady left without another word to me
I felt much better for playing dumb
I was glad I had not talked back
And was proud of my aplomb.

Monte Manka-10-13-2006