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Wrecking a Home in Belmont shore

Story ID:6703
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Peace Makin Chelsea Kansas Kid-9
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Wrecking a Home in Belmont Shore

One sunny day
One block off the ocean
We started another demolition
With a ripping, tearing, crashing commotion.

The houses were close together
And you had to proceed with care
Not to hit the adjacent house, suddenly
A screaming lady came running down the stairs.

Leroy shut down the loader
Thinking she was hurt
“You’re shaking my China dishes” she screamed
“You’ve got to stop your work.”

Leroy called me over
Told me to do something about that witch
Tell her to get out of the way
Or I’ll run over the (rhymes with witch)

I walked over to her
And offered her a hand
To help her protect her China
I tried to make her understand.

Just then Leroy used the loader
To pick up a huge concrete footing
And started for my truck
Into the truck bed he was gently putting.

The screaming lady
Said to me “boy that guy is great”
She couldn’t believe what she saw
She said, “He must be first rate”

The screaming lady
Had got rid of the frown
She had dangling earrings
That far from her ear lobes hung down.

I told her “Lady”
Leroy, the cat operator, is an ace
With the teeth on the cat bucket full speed forward
He could touch your earrings and never touch your face.

She stared at me in awe
And turned back into her house
Never heard another word
From this screaming spouse.

What did you tell her?
Leroy asked of me “what did you say”
I told him, he said to me
“I would have thrown her in the bay.”

Saved another soul
To scream another day
Said to myself boy I’m darned good
As I drove away.

Monte Manka 1-11-2006