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The Great Napkin Caper

Story ID:6712
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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The Great Napkin Caper

By Chuck Dishno

I was in about the 9th or 10th grade in my small school in Bly, Oregon. The school was a long low building with first grade on one end and 12th grade on the other. Just across the lawn on the West side of the building was our new gymnasium with a high row of windows on the East side. The high school was practicing for a speech festival to be held there and schools from all over Klamath County were to participate and we were proud to show off the new gym. During one of the first rehearsals, the speech teacher was bother by the light streaming in through those high windows. As they didn't have any way to block the light she gave a few of us boys the task of going to the only grocery store in Bly and getting a few boxes that could be cut up and placed in the windows. A couple of my buddies were selected and we headed to the Sycan Store. The owner, Bill, said he had just the thing for us. He went into the back and came out with about a dozen cut down boxes. We took them back, measured the windows to make sure we had the proper fit and finished the job before dark.

The next morning all hell broke loose. The first class was English taught by, of course, the speech teacher. When the sun came over the top of the school building it lit up those windows like a shining beacon. Of course they were Kotex boxes and we had strategically centered the word KOTEX in each window. The teacher, Miss Rankin, was beside herself and promptly removed us from the competition which was OK with me as speech was not my favorite. I was much better at blocking windows.