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This Old Man

Story ID:6729
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Person:Old Man-Chelsea Kansas Kansas Kid
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This Old Man

I see an Old Man walking
Most every day of the week
In mid morning
On the asphalt paved street.

Just a short distance
From where he resides
He turns the corner
There before his eyes

Far in the distance
Can be seen
Snow covered mountains
Like a giant movie screen

Closer to him are rocky hills,
While down at their feet
The manicured grass
On the golf course, is green and neat.

He turns to his right
Heads down a gentle slope
Turns right at the corner
In his mind he has hope

While thinking about old friends
Turns left toward the Lodge
Past a muddy pond filled with ducks
While crossing golf carts he does dodge

While he strolls along
Hes humming a tune
Something popular in the forties
About a full moon

Lost in the memories about his past
Things that happened when he was young
About movies, and dances
The good times and the fun

His first car
An old Ford Model A
Driving down Highway Thirteen
Seemed like yesterday,

This old man
Down at the Bistro
Sipped his hot coffee
Then heads for home

He disappeared Into his home
He headed for his easy chair
For a long rest
After all the walking and fresh air

As He settled in comfort
He heaved a deep sigh
Suddenly realized
That "This Old Man" Is I

Monte L. Manka 1-25-2011