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Rattlesnakes Galore

Story ID:6764
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Snakey Chelsean Kansas Kid
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Rattlesnakes Galore

Rattlesnakes Galore

Rattlesnakes Galore

Shirley and I took a trip
Long time ago
Stopped in Alva, Oklahoma
To see Uncle Loyd and Aunt Doe.
(spelled with one ďLĒ doncha know)

We decided to go the rattlesnake hunt
Down Waynoka way
To satisfy our curiosity
While driving down the highway.

We stopped at a small building
We walked in the door
Musta been two hundred rattlesnakes
Crawling and buzzing on the floor.

Rattlesnakes of all sizes
In a wooden pen
Kids and women
Were all looking in

Two men were in among these rattlers
In work shoes and Jeans
No protection from snakebite
By any means.

One four foot rattler
Was rattling up a storm
The man inside the pen
Moved him over with his foot, like it was the norm.

Rattlers in boxes
There were rattlers from almost every state
Transported to Watonga in cages
Some in wooden crates

I was going to order Rattlesnake shiskabob
As I took a seat
One waitress said it tasted like chicken
Another said it tasted like Turkey meat

Suddenly it came to me
What are you doing at this table?
Forget the rattlesnake meat
Leave while youíre able

Uncle Loyd (one ďLĒ)
Made a clucking sound
Iíll admit I was chicken
Rattlers I donít like being around.

If snakes make you feel creepy
Skip the rattle snake hunt
Thatís one reptile
I donít want to confront.

Iíve heard about these rattlesnake hunts
For many, many years
Now I have seen one
Has not allayed my fears

Of carefully watching where I step
In the grass, weeds or sand
Tromping through the timber
Or some Farmers cultivated land,

Iím ever watchful
Precautions do I take
Not to step
On a five foot rattlesnake.

Monte L. Manka 01-31-11