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Saturday We Went to Town

Story ID:6769
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Lucky Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Saturday we went to Town

We all got into the Olds,
Ready to depart
Dad started crankin
But it wouldn’t start.

The hired man, Curley Amen
I did hear him say
If your car won’t run
Take my Model A

We piled into the A, all four of us
Into Curley’s Coupe
We were kinda crowded
But we were soon on our way.

I was in the middle
My brother on Mother’s lap
Dad was driving
I tried to take a nap.

We went to town
By Irvy’s we did pass
Across the low water bridge
And through the underpass.

Just to the South of our farm
Irving Buchanan resided
This little man was kinda close
In fact he was tight-waded.

He painted two sides of his house
Because to Dad he did say
They were the sides that could be seen
From Thirteen Highway.

Down by the El Dorado Lake
On past Charlie Nuttles, we did go
Past the John Teeter ranch
And Into El Dorado.

Later in the afternoon
We started home from town, the four of us
The weather had changed
And looked rather ominous.

As we left the city limits
It began to snow,
Before we got to Nuttles
The wind began to blow.

Mom was driving
And when we headed North, past Charlie Nuttles
Around a curve we slid into the ditch
That’s where we settled.

The Model A had no heater
The snow and wind coming fast
With the north wind blowing
I didn’t know how long we’d last

It was cold O so cold
My nose was cold so I tied a rag on
Dad said he would walk the five miles home
And get the mules and wagon.

He got out in the Blizzard
Had on his low cut Sunday shoes
Headed into the North wind
And disappeared from view.

Mom kept us busy
In that old cold Model A
We sang songs and jumped around
I’m sure my Mom did pray.

She never let on to us
That she had any worries
Made up some games
She even made up stories.

Suddenly the passenger door opened
And In got Charlie Nuttle
He made it warmer in the car
Said he was checking on his cattle.

He asked Mom if we were all right
My Mom told him Charlie go on
Wayne should be coming back soon
With the mules and wagon.

Charlie got out
Mounted his horse
When he did
Seemed much colder, inside of course.

After a few more songs
We were singing loud
I spotted something dark
Coming up the road

My Dad and Curley Amen
Had brought blankets and hay
To the Model A Hooked a chain
We were finally on our way.

We were covered with hay and blankets
We were finally getting warm
Mom had her arms around us
Still keepin us from harm.

Dad stopped twice on the way
To pick up stranded neighbors
Unhooked from the A
Took them to their doors.

We got home
Warmed by the stove
Nothing ever felt so good
To my nose and toes.

Dad later told us
In his lowcut Sunday shoes
His feet were so numb from cold
He could barely move.

He got to the kitchen door
Couldn’t get up the steps
Called to the Hired man
To give him some help.

While Dad thawed out
Curley hooked up the mules
Threw in some hay and blankets
Into the wagon threw a chain and tools.

Years later while the family was at dinner
I asked my mom if she was scared
On the stormy, wintry night
She got very quiet, into the empty doorway stared

In all my born days
I thought we were gone
I was asking God
To keep us safe from harm.

As I set here and write this
Something I would like to settle
Was the man that got into the A
Really Charlie Nuttle?

Monte Manka 5-5-2006 (True Story.)