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February Woes

Story ID:6787
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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I have always breathed a sigh of relief once January is gone. Of all the months
in the year, January is my least favorite. It just makes me think of ice, snow,
and wind. Even as a youngster growing up in the 40's in a Gr. Cleveland
suburb, I remember getting up early one morning in blizzardy conditions -but
determined to attend liturgy at St.Cyril's. I remember the wind and snow
hitting my face as I plunged through it, and finally climbing St. Cyril's few steps
and into a warm church.

I should have given some thought to these same blizzardy condtions effecting
my Slovak immigrant father who would face the same cold wind and snow as I as
he walked perhaps a mile to the Glidden Paint factory where he worked, but
the focus was only on myself and my short 2-block walk. To this day, I remember
this cold trudge to church, and sadly, I also remember that I gave no thought to
my father's assuredly discomforture as he made his way to work in blizzardy
conditions to put food on our table. Belatedly, I would learn to be proud of the early
immigrants like him who worked so hard and usually for so little in monetary

Well, my good-bye to January this year didn't pan out as I had hoped for. Even
though I know that February can be a snowy month, I usually thought of it as
a very much milder version of January where the snow, wind, and ice tapered
off considerably. But, this year, January seems to have spilled over into
February. Most of my yard is covered with a 4-inch ice pack. Luckily, it can be
walked on and is not slippery because it has been covered over with new-fallen

I was hoping that we would have some warmer temperatures for a much
needed thaw - but no such luck. In fact, the coming week is going to have very
cold temperatures. Well, so much with my appreciation of February! However,
I still hope it will soon be the February I remembered and appreciated in past

Now a mishap that occurred in this month of February. My backyard gate didn't
close as it should have because of the ice and snow that had encompassed it.
I really should have done a better job of cutting away the ice which prevented it
from closing properly, but I felt that pushing it to its limit would keep my dog
Casey from getting out. Like many dogs, she too had a penchant for roaming.

Obviously, the last one through the gate did not push it tightly to the snow block
and Casey got out. This was the worst possible time for me to even think of trying
to find her. The streets and sidewalks were almost all covered in ice and snow.
Difficult for almost everyone to maneuver, at my age -almost impossible to go
looking for her in these bad conditions. Somehow I trusted that she would come
back on her own.

And then as I was having those thoughts, I went to the front door and saw a truck
with two young men pull up in front and one carried Casey to my porch where I was
waiting. Luckily she had her collar on with her new tags. These wonderful guys
called for information and here they were with Casey. God bless them both. Yes,
of course, I rewarded them for their kindness with some money.

Next reminder - that this is not the February I remembered in years past. I had put
the 45 loaves of bird bread which Schwebel's outlet bakery gives at a wonderfully low
price into my "outside" refrigerator - the garage. Every day I remove a few loaves
and carry them into my house where in the evening I prepare a panful of torn bread
sprinkled with a veggie oil/peanut butter coating ready for the morning feed along
with some bird seed.

I went out to address the gate situation and with this wonderful spadelike
contraption from my parents' era, I hacked away at the ice and this time the gate
shut. While outside, I decided to bring in some more loaves of bread for the next
day's bird feeding.

I had gingerly traversed the narrow path to the garage which was snowy and icy, and
on my way back with a bag of bread, I misstepped and down I went. Luckily for me - it was a soft
landing. God is good!

But you should have seen me trying to get up. The trick for us oldsters is to turn
around and get to our knees. Then it is easier getting up as I braced myself with
my arms.

Well, I had my share of trials today, but I guess I can handle anything else which
may come my way today- though I thank God that the two mishaps were not tragic
in any way. Casey could have been hit by a car or been wondering aimlessly for a
long time. I could have broken some bones if the landing had been hard. Thank
you God for small miracles.

As for the 45th Super Bowl game today, I thought it interesting that an elephant
known for picking winners is said to have pointed to the Packers to win. Even a
poll on the internet seems to favor them as well. We shall soon find out today if
they are right. I understand February weather has not been kind to Texas either.
Hopefully though, problems have been adequately addressed and the Super Bowl
will proceed without a hitch and enjoyed by so very many eager fans.