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Lonesome In the Park

Story ID:6806
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Lonesome In the Park

While strolling through the park one day
In the merry month of May
I was taken by surprise
By a pair of roughish eyes
In a moment my poor heart was stolen away
(Verse from song in1940 Junior High, chorus)

This older lady
While standing in the cold
Remembered this park Bench
And the story that it told---

It was a warm balmy evening
Beneath the park lamp
A young lady sat on the bench to rest
A man approached, looked like a tramp.

He sat down on the bench
Said I hope you donít mind
This is the only bench
That I could find.

For some reason
She did not leave
She noticed a number tattooed
Just beneath his sleeve.

He stared into the distance
And made this remark
ďSuch a beautiful evening
Such a beautiful park.Ē

I donít mean to impose
Iíll rest then Iíll be gone
Just a little breather
Before I move on.

She nodded her head in agreement
He was thin and pale
He heaved a sigh
And started to tell his tale.

He told of the concentration camp
Where his folks were gassed
How his two sisters and he were saved
When the GIís got there at last.

As he talked
She listened intently
He reached out and touched her hand
Ever so gently,

Thanked her for listening
With a little squeeze
He got up and disappeared
Among the park trees.

She waited a few moments
Got up and started to leave
She threw away those pills
On the ground covered with leaves

This mans sad tale
Made her trouble seem so small
She decided not to
Swallow those pills after all.

As she stared at the snow covered bench
She thought she could see
That old tramp
Resting there, peacefully

She whispered silently
Iím so glad you sat by me
Your story changed my life forever
You made me see

My problems
Were so small
My lifeís not so bad
After all

She turned and
And as she drove away
She was glad
That she came to the park today.

Just to relive a part of her life
Seemed like yesterday
That old tramps tale
That was deep in her memory.

Monte L. Manka 02-05-11