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Grandma's Secret Room

Story ID:6807
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Grandma's Secret  Room

Grandma’s Secret Room

When we were kids
It was such a treat
To visit Grandma’s house
And get all the fudge you could eat

There were pies and cookies
Cakes and such
While we were there
We usually ate too much

We could play hide and seek
Run up and down the stairs
Grandma would just keep rockin
In that rickety old rocking chair.

There was one place
On the second floor
That had a padlock
High upon the door.

While visiting Grandma’s house
We asked her to tell
Us what was behind that locked door
Grandma said well

That’s grandma’s secret
It’s only for me to see
What’s in that room
For you will remain a mystery.

Many years have passed
Grandma left us recently
In her will she
Left that house to my sister and me.

As we opened the door to
Grandma’s house, dark and dingy
Dust everywhere
What a sad sight to see

We found a key on a string
On a nail high above the floor
We both wondered
Will this open Grandma’s secret door?

Our hearts were racing
We could hardly wait to see
Into Grandma’s secret room
We climbed the stairs breathlessly.

The key fit
We slowly opened that door a crack
Switched on the light
Ready to jump back

There sitting on tables were doll houses
Each showing a different scene
Those little floors shined
Each little room was squeaky clean

I looked toward the door and I’ll swear
I saw grandma hiding a grin
She’d kept us out so very long
Now she had finally let us in.

Grandma’s secret room
Was a secret no more
My sister and I slowly moved out of the room
We re-padlocked the door.

We think when all the kids had left
This was where Grandma could unwind
Be with scenes of her past
And have some peace of mind.

On down the highway, away from Grandmas house
Returning to our homes and family
We made a pact between us
Never to reveal what we’d seen.

As we drove away, in that secret room
We had viewed Grandma’s past
Now our minds
Were free at last.

That key
Will never be found
Tossed it out of the window
Left it somewhere on the ground
Monte L. Manka 02-05-11