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Man's Best Friend

Story ID:6809
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Doggoned Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Man's Best Friend


Ole Jiggs and I
Have been together years
Losing this old friend
Will bring me to tears

Got him as a pup
After Nannie passed away
My faithful wife
Think of her every day

Ole Jiggs
More than just a friend
He senses when Iím feeling bad
He comes to me and then

Nuzzles his head into my hand
Kneels by my chair
Those big beautiful eyes
Look up at me with Tender Loving care

I have a big decision
One no one wants to make
I want to be fair
For both of our sakes.

Iím torn between
Necessity and Love
In my mind
Iím thinking of

A way to go
Why did this happen to me?
Ole Jiggs, did nothing
Heís happy as can be.

We just came from the office
Of Doctor Stone
I got the final prognosis
This is something I canít postpone

I only have a few weeks to live
Then will come the end
I handed Ole Jiggs Leash
To a very good friend

I started walking
Maybe a mile or so
Walked back to my truck
Drove away alone, so slow.

I got home the phone was ringing
It was Doctor Stone
Hurry back to the office
I laid down the phone

When I arrived at the Doctors office
He sat me in a chair
Told me he had a donor
Some one had answered my prayer

My operation was a success
Ole Jiggs and I are a pair again
We can both walk and play together
Without me feeling any pain.

From the darkness of night
To the sunrise of a new day
Our lives were changed in an instant
My sorrow was washed away.
Monte L. Manka 02-10-11