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Que Sera Sera

Story ID:6851
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera
(Whatever will be will be)

Iím going to miss this old farmhouse
Where I spend vacation time every year
With my grandmother
Who I love so dear

Iím going to miss those long walks
Through the meadows and the trees
Iíll miss helping grandmother
Making cookies just for me

Dad and Momís older brother
Are talking downstairs
About what to do with Grandmother
Since she fell she needs daily care

Dad and Uncle Joe
Have made up their minds
To send Grandmother to a Nursing home
To the best one they can find

Grandmother doesnít make a sound
While Mom brushes her hair
Grandmother doesnít talk anymore
While she sets quietly in her favorite chair.

I can hear Mom crying and pleading
Donít take mom from her home
We can find someone to care for her
She wonít be alone.

Dad and Uncle Joe have decided to
Move her closer to us
At the Shady Retirement Place for Elders
Where we can visit frequently, on the city bus

As we took Grandmother with us
She turned toward the house and with one final stare
Before we got into the car in those tired old eyes
I saw tears, hard for us to bear.

As we drive along
I can hear Grandmother singing to me
That old song
Whatever will be will be.

ďWhen I was just a little girl

I asked my mother what will I be

Will I be rich will I be pretty

Hereís what she said to me

Que sera sera

Whatever will be will be

The futures not ours to see

Que sera sera.

What will be will beĒ

(Sung by Doris Day, My favorite)

Monte L. Manka 2-18-11