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The Last Hunt

Story ID:6852
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Dilon Montana USA
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The Last Hunt
By Chuck Dishno

I was born and raised in the small logging town of Bly, Oregon where my Dad was a timber faller. In 1949 the company he worked for moved to Dinuba, California. He moved with them and worked the logging season but returned to Bly for the winters. About 1954 he bought a house in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Kings Canyon National Park but still kept the house in Oregon.

By this time I was attending college in California and in the winter of 1955, Pop and I decided to go back to the old home and have one more goose hunt. We had so many good hunts over the years and had built up such good memories, that we just couldn’t resist just one more time together.

Pop, at this time, was not in very good health and we knew it would probably be the last time for us as I was of draft age and Uncle Sam was knocking on my door.

In early December, we drove to Bly in my 1953 Volkswagen. For those of you who remember those early VW’s, they weren’t much to brag about. They had 24 horsepower, no gas gauge, and were not to comfortable to take on a 1200 mile trip but we made it just fine and as luck would have it, we had a great hunt as the birds were plentiful and even though we couldn’t keep them and gave them away the old excitement was there. We told many stories as we sat under the haystacks and waited for the geese to fly by. Finally it was time for the long ride back home.

The next summer, I worked with Pop falling timber and one morning I heard him tell several of the logging crew about our trip to Oregon and the goose hunt. I heard him say that we drove to Bly and back in my “Wersenwalken”. I reminded him that it was called a Volkswagen, and he said, “No, it was the only thing he ever rode in that was ‘Worse than Walking’.”

As it turned out this was our “last hunt” as I was soon drafted into the Army and before I returned, cancer had taken its toll on my wonderful Dad. Before he died, though, we sat and laughed about the many good times in our life together.

I thank God for giving me such a great father and so many fond memories. What I wouldn’t give for just one more “hunt” with this fantastic man who taught me so much about life.
“I love you, Pop!”
Your Chum