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In the Name of Jesus - essay

Story ID:6853
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 2B2 Canada
Person:Richard and Esther Provencher
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In the Name of Jesus - essay

Sometimes life can be most difficult. And why do terrible things happen to those trying their best--being loving parent/s, patient with children, respecting the law, working diligently at place of employment, paying taxes, go to church, and loving your spouse. It should make more sense.

Some are very fortunate to have both good health and an attitude of positive traits. Don't kid yourselves, what looks so comfortable on the outside masks the achievements inside one's soul, completed through very hard work.

These folks know a special strength and it comes from following Biblical principles. You too can gain from drawing this same kind of strength. In our new website, we provide some insight and understanding through videos, stories and poems.

In addition, there are three novels FREE to download. The ideas in these stories are from true-to-life experiences my wife, Esther and I, encountered through our foster and adoptive parenting. It is a pleasure to be married almost 36 years.

We thank all those who check out our website: Richard and Esther's Website: www.wsprog.com/rp/

God bless and take care.


Richard and his wife, Esther are 'born again' Christians who believe in the power of prayer. They are both over 68 and God has blessed them through ill health. They enjoy writing and sharing their work, which is copyrighted. Free download novels are available at their website: www.wsprog.com/rp/.

Richard and Esther Provencher