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I Love Love

Story ID:6865
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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I love the orange and red glow of the morning sky. Add a few clouds and nature
paints the heavens with a beauty no artist can duplicate.

I love the deep red of an evening sunset. The day may be done, but the sun isn’t.
It gives us a beautiful wave goodbye.

I love the laughter of my grandchildren playing in the back yard. A bright sun,
green grass and the smiles of children too young to appreciate the beauty around them,
are joy to the eyes of a grand dad.

I love the first scent of green grass in the spring. Winter’s white fades from view.
The brown death of winter turns green. A lawnmower roars in a neighbor’s yard. New
life blooms all around.

I love to lie on a carpet of soft grass and stare up at the sky. Cotton balls of white
mist float by. Like the jets that leave their contrails, the clouds move on to other places.
I want to float with them, see new things, and enjoy the journey.

I love the smell of decaying leaves. Although it brings sadness – life ending – it
gives hope of new life to come. The trees, bare of foliage, look like many fingers raised
to the sky in praise. One day they will be filled with life again – a new mother holding
her child.

I love the patter of rain. I may whine for the sun, but the rain is the blood that fills
the veins of all living things.

I love the rumble purr of a cat curled in my lap. They’re in my care. They love
and I love.

I love the wagging tail of a dog that sees me after an absence. They jump, smile,
and run in circles. There’s no denying them. Their love is unconditional.

I love the smell of the ocean. The roar of its kiss against the rocks is the love of
lovers. One day they will be one. Once they were separate. They shared a world – a life.
They curl together in the calm of coves. They battled the hurricanes of life. They work
together to create the softness of sand.

I love my wife. At night, she curls into me. Her arm drapes my chest. Her head
rests on my shoulder. Her leg reaches for me. She rests it on my thigh and tucks her
foot between my knees. A sigh whispers from her lips.

Ginny sleeps. The house is silent. I listen to her breathe. I feel the warmth of
her body next to mine. My love for her is beyond my capability of words. I look at
her and melt every day. Feeling her body draped on mine, tells me she loves me.

I love loving her.

I love her loving me.

I love love.

Michael T. Smith