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29th Gen. Hosp, Korea

Story ID:6886
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Cold Chelsea Kansas Kid
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29th Gen. Hosp, Korea

29th. General Hospital, Seoul, Korea

That old mountain in the back
Looking like a sleeping giant, and at its feet
Sprinkled with sleepy little straw topped villages
Tucked together, ever so neat

With a thousand small rice paddies
In the valleys, were tiered
Separated only by a narrow dam of dirt
Wide enough to walk across, no fear

Of falling into the paddy
They don’t smell so great
I trod carefully
Knowing what could be my fate.

Also at this Sleeping Giant’s feet
Where several buildings could be found
With hundreds of rooms
Rice paddies in the foreground

These buildings were completed
Except for one
Which was finished
Before I had gone home.

The building on the left
Is the Laboratory building, where
Supposedly the starting
A Japanese A-Bomb there.

The Main building in the center
With the tower rising high above the roof
The boiler room stack behind
Doesn’t give proof

That the steam heat worked
Was usually cold as heck
In the wintertime you wore inside
Parkas and scarves to warm your neck.

We had Diesel Heaters
In our office of Medical Supply
While they warmed up
All we did was stand by.

Try typing on an Underwood typewriter
With fingers cold as ice
Five carbons
Capt. Said would suffice.

It was hunt and peck
Until those heaters began to heat
And your fingers began to thaw
At 20 below then you could take your seat

The Motor Pool
Was far to the right
Where you could get a Jeep
And go to Seoul at night

In a cave behind the Main Building
Was where canned food was kept
We’d wait for the guard to go by
And then step by step

We would steel into the cave
Sneak peaches in No. 9 cans
We’d take them to our Quonset
So good, Man O Man.

We couldn’t wait for summer
But at 112 degrees
We couldn’t wait for next winter
Even if your fingers did freeze.

Korea “Land of the Morning Calm”
Beautiful was the countryside
I served there during “The Occupation”
In 1945.

Monte L. Manka 2-25-11