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Sent on to Inchon

Story ID:6891
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Inchon Kid
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Sent on to Inchon

Sent on to Inchon

I was happy to be on dry land
After four days at sea
On a flat bottomed Navy boat
Called an LST

Before we debarked
I saw fishing boats that to the dock were tied
Sitting high and dry
Lying on their side.

Waiting for the tide
To float them upright
So they could start fishing
For this farmer-quite a sight.

100 yards from the shore
Was a chicken wire fence
That would trap fish
When at Low tide, made sense

The trapped fish
To be taken in tow
By the gatherers
When the tide was low.

When Mac and I reached shore
We were taken by Jeep
To old Japanese barracks
Where we could sleep

Until we were assigned
To our permanent place
Near Seoul
What a rundown place.

Those old barracks had wide cracks
In the wooden floors
Cracks around the windows
Poorly fitting doors

Mac and I spent our first night in Inchon
On those old rump sprung Army cots
It was chilly accommodations
Far from what we had thought

How about real beds with sheets
White pillow cases beneath our heads
Some of those warm Okinawa breezes
Wafting about our beds

Here in Inchon, Korea
We were on a mattress cover, whee
In our sleeping bags
Just like on the LST.

The second day we were sent
To the 29th General Hospital
In a closed in room
And a bed made out of metal.

What a beautiful building
Such a beautiful sight
Sleeping inside out of the weather
Every night.

My prayers had been answered
This was where I would dwell
For almost two years
To that rump, sprung Army cot I bid farewell.

Monte L. Manka 2-26-2011

This picture taken from High on wolmi Do (prounced as Dough)