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Buddha Intruder

Story ID:6897
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:An Awed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Buddha Intruder

Buddha Intruder

Buddha Intruder

Buddha Intruder

On Sunday I took to the road
Hiking out in the Korean hills
Looking for things that I had not seen
Seeing these old Shrines gave me the chills

For every little village
And there were many
Every one had a shrine
In this country side were aplenty

You’d be so far out in the toolies
Pretending that you were the first to see
These old Stone carvings,
On a forty foot tall stone face beneath an old tree.

Covered with moss
How old was this carved face?
Who was this artist?
What was he doing in this place?

Miles and Miles from any city
Only accessible by foot
These questions were on my mind
What a great job, to boot.

I spotted a small cave
Entrance covered with vines
I entered through the narrow opening
What I saw played on my mind

Three small Buddha’s
On saw horses and a thick plank
The cave was super small
The air stale and dank

I had a funny feeling
Something I can’t explain
I felt as if I was an intruder
On a very religious domain

That was not for me to see
Not for me to be there
I never touched a thing
I exited the cave with care.

I hiked farther up in the hills
Leaving that religious grotto
I confess I had a guilty feeling
I shouldn’t ought to

I was the transgressor
I was in violation
Of someone’s religious shrine
I entered without hesitation

Even today when I think about this past experience
I contemplate my super ignorance
When I made my clumsy stupid entrance
With utter lack of Reverence

Into another man’s Hallowed ground
But I’m so glad I saw it
I feel better for knowing
And telling you about it.

So much History
Beneath the moss and trees
Without my favorite camera
I couldn’t show you these

Photos taken by me
Out in the Korean Hills
What a great time I had
I’m sure they’re not there still

If I could go back to Korea
Back to 1945
I’d hike my legs off
It was so great to be alive.

Monte L. Manka 02-28-11