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Surprise at 4 in the Morning

Story ID:690
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Somehow I got into the good or bad habit of sleeping on the couch. One reason was that
in summer I enjoyed the window air-conditioner which was in my living room.

Paulie and Pixie, my two cats share the first
floor with me. While sleeping, Paulie sometimes jumps across my prone body during the night on his way to his perch on the TV where he does his bird watching during the daylight hours. But what does he watch in the middle of the night? I think I found the answer last night.

I was in a deep sleep at 4 in the morning when Paulie bounded across my sleeping form. That
was a rude awakening but one which would'nt prepare me for what came next. All hell broke loose. Two cats were duking it out close to the air conditioner. While Paulie and Pixie sometimes get into small skirmishes, this was bad and out of character for both of them. I put on the light and I was more than surprised to find an "intruder." A black cat had very dexterously parted the accordion pleats on one side of the air conditioner and had gotten in.

You can manage my surprise, and before I could do anything, the black cat made a mad dash through the same opening he had made getting
in. But this time Paulie followed in hot pursuit. I was not too happy about this, because the last time Paulie snuck out of the house a few years back, it ended up with me having to
take him to the vets because a cat fight had caused a bite which caused an absess under his arm. The abscess naturally formed some time
after the fact.

He proved a poor patient then and when released from the hospital opened up his wound -probably because of the shunt the doctor had inserted for drainage. So, it was back to the vets and another stitching up and another bill.

This time he had to wear an Elizabethan collar. A collar on a dog is bad news but on a cat - especially Paulie was horrendous. He seemed to use it as a sensor device --bumping into everything as he slowly became accustomed to his "iron mask" and wanted it off! We both did, and if cats could breathe a sigh of relief, I'm sure Paulie did and so did I as it finally came off after a very, very long week.

Not wanting a repeat perfomance, I went on the porch and in the middle of the night called out Paulie - Paulie! Finally, he sheepishly came in. Truth be told, I was sorry for the black cat because I believe that most of them are so sweet and gentle. My black Martin was a precious cat and I will always remember him fondly and lovingly.

I wondered about whatever induced this black
cat to try to come into our house? Was he hungry? Was he looking for companionship?
Sadly, with Paulie on "guard patrol," he wouldn't find it here because obviously, Paulie was protecting his territory. But did he have to be so pugnacious? I hope though that some day he will mellow just a bit. The black cat meant us no harm and maybe was just looking for some loving attention.