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Stroll to a Mystery

Story ID:6922
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Strolling Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Stroll to a Mystery

Stroll to a Mystery

Stroll to a Mystery

Stroll to a Mystery

Stroll to a Mystery

Stroll to a Mystery
(Samneung Park)

Three soldiers going for a Sunday stroll
Monte, Mac and Don
With Addie Dean, the Red Cross gal
Tagging along.

I carried Momís
Kodak 116
Ready to take any photo
Of some pretty mountain scene

The path we were following
Turned to the right
There standing before us
Stood an ancient building site

Between two posts
Another fifty feet
Addie Dean and I took a seat

At the entrance of this gorgeous ancient building
Don took the picture of Addie Dean and me
The building was enormous
To the right you can see

Statues that were there
To Protect the Queen or King
The statues were huge
Around the tomb a ring

Of small animals
Lions, tigers, wolves also
These smaller stone statues
I guess to make the bad spirits go

A gigantic table in front
Solid rock, four supports of stone
With faces carved on them
Standing alone.

This kings reign
Started in 1392
Was all this ornate stone
Shipped in on the ocean blue?

How did these monstrous statues
Get to where they now stand?
No machinery then
To haul these over land.

Musta have been thousands of slaves
To get this tomb so right
Everything so detailed
At this Royal tomb site

It is uphill from the building below
I cannot imagine how this was done
Those statues musta weighed
At least two or three ton.

These statues had to be there for ages
But even Father time
Could not erase the carvings
You can see every line

This site was miles from civilization
Back in 1946
Couldnít have found it
If not hiking in the sticks.

Today, 2011, I found Samneung Park on the web
Now this same tomb rests between
Paved roads and multistoried buildings
Statues have been steam cleaned.

The cleaning takes away the beauty
Of how it looked back in the forties
Had much more charm
When it was mossy and dirty.

I wish I hadnít found it
But Iíll remember this tomb, of King or Queen
As it was in ď46Ē
With Mac, Don, me and Addie Dean

Monte L. Manka 03-03-11