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Rice planting in Korea

Story ID:6925
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Writers Conference:Russell County, Alabama Historical Markers
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Farmer Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Rice planting in Korea

Rice planting in Korea

Rice planting in Korea

Rice planting in Korea

Rice planting in Korea

Rice Planting Time in Korea

While following some wagon tracks
On a sunny Sunday afternoon
I donít remember but I
Think it was in June

Our noses were met
With a very strong odor
As we walked along
It got stronger and bolder

Then we saw farmers
Each plowing their tiny plot
Preparing them for planting
The weather was hot

One farmer was resting his Ox
While wading knee deep sludge
As we walked by
He couldnít get his Ox to budge

Later he got the Ox to moving
How did he steer? No reins
I never heard his say a word
The Ox moved just the same

When the paddy was ready
The neighbors get in without boots
While knee deep in sludge in perfect rows
They plant the tender rice shoots

When the rice is ready for harvesting
The stalks are cut by hand
Bundled into a sheaf
Tied with a rice straw band

Then the sheaves are taken
To the farmerís home
One man hand cranks a round cylinder
Short spikes stick out of the drum

The sheaf is laid
On the spiked drum
Some rice spills to the ground
Itís swept up with a broom

Their sacks are twice as big as ours are
Probably hold a hundred fifty pounds
I took hold of one
Couldnít lift it off the ground.

The Korean
Farmer grabbed the full sack
With muscles of steel
He hoisted it on his back

I marveled at this mans strength
He disappeared inside his shack
Came out to get another
We turned and started back

Another Sunday in the valley
Seeing things I did not believe
True primitive actions performed
Right before my eyes to see.

Monte L. Manka 03-05-11