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Hiking out in the Korean Boonies

Story ID:6937
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Cluless Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Hiking out in the Korean Boonies

Hiking out in the Korean Boonies

Hiking out in the Korean Boonies

Hiking out in the Korean Boonies

After chow Don and I
Decided to walk into the countryside
A couple miles from the 29th.
Out where the poor farmers reside

As we entered a little country cemetery
And were looking at those elegant grave stones
We were besieged by Korean children
In their screechy, kid like tones

Begging for gum
Or cho-co-la-t
We had neither
The day was extremely hot

One little boy of the group
Seemed to be the sitter
With his rice stalk cutter
He took care of the litter

He told them how to pose
For this photo on a grave stone
Sat in front with that knife
Like a King on a throne

I took the picture
He collected his brood
Started walking
On down the road

In a couple minutes
They disappeared
I guess they belonged to a little village
That the cemetery was near.

One small boy
All alone
Clambered atop
A buddha type grave stone

I wonder what they look like now
65 years have gone by
I wonder if they remember
Posing for this photo for this GI

I had Don take one of me
Sitting on that ornate stone
Hot and shirtless
We were glad to be alone

We love kids
But they can be such a pain
Pulling at your clothes
Yelling that old refrain

cho-co-la-te Joe
They left us alone
When we told them “no”.

The marker that I was leaning against
Had thousands of small Korean letters, as you can see
Was the person buried there
A big landowner out here in the country?

This is another small, country cemetery mystery
I will probably never know the solution
Seen in 1946 on this grave marker
On a hot Sunday afternoon mission.
Monte L. Manka 03-07-11