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July 2006 Musings

Story ID:694
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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Subject: July 2006 Musings

Talk about Murphy's Law in high gear, one in particular incident stands out for me as July 2006 becomes history. It involves my very old Tappan stove. It is so old that the parts stores on the internet no longer carry its model number. My problem is not parsimony. I believe that if I can help to stop the horrendous landfill overflow, I will certainly try. Do I like new things? You better believe it, but I like being an enviromentalist even more.

One of my burners on my stove refused to shut off. So even though water thrown on it or even blowing it out worked for awhile, it didn't stop the gas flow and I guess I could have been asphyxiated along with my two cats if I didn't do something.

I then thought my reliable neighbor could help me out as it was evening and emergency calls cost $75! He did come- a bit pie-eyed because he too was experiencing a minor catastrophy where he lived. The bottle made him forget it for awhile. But before I decided that he would be of no help, he opened the gate to the back yard where Casey my dog saw her chance to break out. This beautiful mostly white dog, who is largely Samoyed, dashed out and down the street. My tipsy neighbor suddenly became alert and followed her. Luckily some people stopped her before she got too far and Casey was returned safely to the backyard. I then bid my neighbor good-night. I hope his was to be better than mine. Liquor never has been or will be an option for me. I prefer to pray.

I decided to leave the burner on during this sweltering July night and when I got up in the morning-- going into the kitchen was like going into a sauna. Thankfully, someone finally came out and decided to plug the burner because a new valve was out of the question. HE decided for me that taking it apart and repacking it wasn't worth it. Even though he was probably right, he never offered me that option. But still and all,
I was glad that the stove I inherited from my mother in 1971 -still had some life in her.

The next memorable event had a sad and a beautiful component. When doing my daily rosary morning walk, I came upon another senior citizen with her dog. We began to chat and I don't know why but I mentioned the snake round-up in Texas. I find it abhorent that this round-up always has a party atmosphere. The people involved find it enjoyable to fork up snakes, decapitate them and in a word probably torture them before killing them - maybe even skinning them alive. I can never understand the rationale for this sort of thing. She thought people are afraid of snakes. Well, I am too, but why torture and cause them pain? This is cruelty -plain and simple and I've often heard that if you mistreat animals it often leads to mistreating people.

My friend in Florida is troubled by an influx of fruit rats. He is trying to find a humane way to deal with this. God bless him. Snakes, rats or whatever animal we may find unpleasant can't help the way God made them - can they?

Then the lady on my walk and I got on the subject of animals generally and their ability to think. She said that she didn't think they can. I don't agree. I have found many instances when I see intelligence in their eyes and their actions. A case in point-I don't know how true this e-mail is because some people do fabricate, but I believe it could have happened.

The e-mail was a story about a beautiful lady and her dog Lucky. She was deeply fond of her ward and Lucky loved her in return- probably a hundred fold. The lady even put up with Lucky's shenanigans - helping herself to other people's possessions when fancy dictated and she could get her paws on them. She would then
"squirrel" them in a special place in the basement family room. These were her "treasures" and this beautiful lady understood.

Sadly, one day the lady became ill with cancer and was hospitalized for a period of time. Poor Lucky missed her terribly and when she finally returned home, Lucky was beside
herself with joy. Because the lady felt that the living room couch was a better place for
her first day back home, she soon fell asleep on it.

When she awoke from a refreshing sleep, she felt a terribly stifling feeling and when
she raised her head, all of Lucky's favorite toys spilled away to the ground. Lucky had
made trip after trip to her treasure trove to relinquish each of her favorite "possessions"
and give them to her mistress. Who says a dog or an animal can't think? What greater love than to give away all that you treasure?