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Lent is Here!

Story ID:6940
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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I am not sure that everyone observes Lent, but for those who do -today is Fat Tuesday- as if you didn't know. However, if you are a Byzantine Christian as I am - our "Fat Tuesday" was on Sunday. We already have undergone our first day of Lent which is always the Monday before Ash Wednesday. However, many of us love the symbolism of receiving ashes made in the form of a cross on our foreheads with the reminder that we are dust and to dust we shall return.

As our small Byzantine parish has lost many of its members to death, we don't have daily liturgy anymore, so many of us go to St. Cyril's Latin Rite Church during the week. Just yesterday I was speaking with Norma who I see daily in church, and we were talking about Lent. I mentioned that in our rite and especially in Slovakia, I believe that the people kept the prescriptions of the Meatfare and Cheesefare Sundays which preceded the begining of Lent. After Meatfare Sunday - no meat was to be consumed until Easter. After Cheesefare Sunday - no dairy was to be consumed until Easter. What wonderful penitential people! Upon hearing this, Norma remarked- "That's hard!" I reminded her that we vegans do it every day, and I personally don't find it hard at all. However, I will have to find another penitential practice during this Lent which began for me yesterday. I also found one which I think Our Echo readers will approve - coming up shortly.

I must have done something right on the first day of Lent re limiting my eating. I believe I lost a WHOLE pound! I felt like the Biggest Loser though thankfully I didn't need to lose 100 pounds. But yes, I was pleased because I weighed 160 pounds before Monday and this morning the scale read 159 - removing me from the 60's. I was just as elated as those folks on the Biggest Loser who finally made it to either below 300 or 200 pounds. For someone who may not still be 5' 6 inches - I'm not overweight and I think I carry my weight pretty well. I even fooled a nurse who is in church each morning and she thought I didn't need to lose any weight. She had brought some sweathers she thought I could use, and after trying them on, I told her they were too small! She gave me permission to deposit them in a clothes kiosk near by.

Now, for another part of the penitential aspect of Lent - righting any wrongs - perceived or otherwise. I must have hurt some people re defending my post on the cruelty of Amish Puppy Mills. If so, I apologize. I could not go through Lent feeling that I cause some people pain. I know my crucified Saviour would not approve. However, if I could have done it in a better way, I wish I had, though the important thing for me was to reveal the truth of the horrors these poor dogs experience. It is the hope that our collective posts or articles on this subject will keep people from supporting these puppy mills by not buying puppies from pet shops or on the internet. If it had been my Slovak forebears who had been guilty of this cruelty, I hope that like Torah, the former Amish young woman, I would have had the courage to tell it like it is without sugar-coating it in anyway. I like to think that as all of you -I am a lover and seeker of TRUTH- no matter how painful it sometimes maybe to me personally or to those I love. I hope that all of you feel the same.