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Story ID:6954
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 2B2 Canada
Person:Richard and Esther Provencher
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There was a time many years ago as a single man writing on the side, I felt the possibility existed about becoming a very successful author. It was a dream held through high school, then various work related opportunities where I had many occasions to work in social service positions. I was exposed to contemporary issues as material for my poems and stories. After marriage thirty-six years ago, and helping raise four children, my wife and I enjoyed a very busy life, with writing relegated to part-time snatches of time.

Eleven years ago a stroke felled me, and with a great wife at my side, prayers pulled me through very difficult times. We decided to co-write stories and novels during my recovery as a form of therapy and the words held back all those years poured through my fingers. Quite a few stories and poems were published in print and online journals. The energy required to market any further work was too much for my health, so we decided to share our writing, through posting many of our stories and poems with: FaithWriters.com / OurEcho.com / and / ABCTales.com.

My wife, Esther and I, decided to try and place for sale a small number of novels, (see our website) to bring in some extra income. Then we decided to make the rest of our Novels, Poetry and Short Story collections available as downloads before we got too much older, since both of us are over 68 years young. I once thought free downloads was an attempt to shuffle off poorly written and dispensable material. I now know differently. There are many reasons for doing so.

A great friend, Jim “Gramps” Curtis has kindly built my wife and I a lovely website: www.wsprog.com/rp/ including a Blog: Provencher Paths. We are thankful age has no limitations on sharing writing, even though the dream of being another “giant” with words, someone like Ernest Hemmingway, my favourite author, was put on hold. Who knows, maybe someone may wish to publish or make a movie of one of our books. We wish to remind any “down loaders” our work is copyrighted and only available for personal use. Please enjoy.

Copyright © Richard and Esther Provencher
Email: richardprov1@netscape.net