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The Hawk and the Hare

Story ID:6956
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Plowboy Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Hawk and the Hare

The Hawk and the Hare

After the harvests over
The wheat is in the bin
Time to start plowing
Preparing to plant again.

I hooked the tractor to the plow
Headed up highway 13
At a rousing 5mph
On that old Hart Parr tractor machine

Laid out a land
Pulled the trip rope on the plow
The moldboards dropped into the dirt
Settled in for the long row

This was usually a four day job
12 hours on a run
Back and forth through the field
Until the job was done.

You sat in the open
On a hot iron seat
Only your straw hat
To protect you from the heat.

Whenever we started plowing
The graceful hawks would circle above you
Waiting for the plow
To turn up a rodent or two

On one “round” in particular
A baby rabbit ran
Ahead of the tractor tire
I stopped the tractor and then

A circling hawk
Swooped toward the hare
The rabbit saw his shadow
And hopped away from there

The hawk missed the hare
Not fifty feet ahead of my machine
Watching in surprise
That the hawk missed him clean

The hawk gained some altitude
Made another pass
The rabbit saw his shadow
Hopped into the grass

The hawk gained altitude again
Hovered there
I knew that this time
The hawk would get the hare.

I could see the little rabbit
His sides were panting from fear
I sat still on my tractor
Figuring the end was near

The hawk hovered menacingly
Suddenly he flew away
As if to say I missed twice
Hare,this is your lucky day

I started plowing again
Thinking about what I had seen
I thought that that old hawk
Really wasn’t very mean

For that little bunny
Was so tired he couldn’t run
This was an easy mark
Lay panting in the sun.

As I moved toward the end of the field
I realized I had witnessed something rare
I had seen a life and death played out
Between "The Hawk and the Hare"

Monte L. Manka 03-11-11

(picture of Dads Tractor)