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Linda, My Fist Date

Story ID:6958
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Dillon Montana United States
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Growing up in Bly Oregon

Linda, My First Date
By Chuck Dishno
Copyright 2005

Bly, Oregon, in 1946-47, was a thriving lumbering town. There was lots of timber to feed the two saw mills in the immediate area as well as Weyerhaeuser in Klamath Falls. As a result there were workers moving in and out of Bly on a regular basis.

At one time Weyerhaeuser moved in a row of small one room houses to ease the housing shortage. Since lumber work was seasonal, there was always a large turnover in renters.

One day the word spread around that a new family consisting of the two parents and one girl about 12 years old had moved into one of these cabins.
It wasn’t long before most of the boys were making trips by that row of houses to get a glimpse of this new girl. I was no exception even though I didn’t have much of a chance with her since I was a skinny little kid, the proverbial 97 lb weakling except that I weighed only about 90 lbs. There were other reasons, of course, the most important was fishing and working.

I had a job setting pins at Bly’s 2 lane bowling alley and could easily make a dollar or two by setting both alleys. Fish came in a close second and girls were far in the distance.
This all changed when I went past the new girl’s house to see what all the excitement was about. There were 8 or 10 boys hanging on the picket fence trying to make time with the girl, whose name I soon learned was Linda.

Linda was indeed a pretty girl and the guys were all a goggle at her charm. They were all arguing about who would be the first to date her. I remember her asking if there was a movie that night and indicating that she would like to go if someone would take her.

There was an immediate line up of prospective suitors waiting to be chosen. I just stood back and watched the goings on when she suddenly pointed to me and said she would like me to take her. I was shocked since I figured I would be the last one she or anyone would pick. Linda insisted though and my first date was set.

I had agreed to pick her up at 7pm and walk her to the theatre. Needless to say, I was shaking in my boots by the time I got to her front gate. Linda was waiting for me and we took off toward the movie house. Before we had gone very far, she took my hand and I had to walk all through town holding her hand. I could see the other boys watching me and I was waiting for a rock to come whizzing through the air and annihilate me. We made it though and sat through the movie, a couple of soft drinks and bags of popcorn and then came the long walk back to her house still fearing my demise by that rock.

After dropping Linda off at her gate and getting a kiss on the cheek I was floating on a cloud. I had never been that close to a girl before and I have to admit that they were a lot better than fish.

My love affair was short lived though. I did talk to her a time or two but she obviously preferred the more “He Man” type. I don’t know who else dated her but it wasn’t for long though since she and her parents moved on within a week or two.

This was my first love and since the song “Linda”, made popular by Buddy Clark, (When I go to sleep, I never count sheep, I count all the charms about Linda) was popular at the time my memory of Linda has stuck with me all these years.

I can never hear that song without thinking of my first date when I one-upped all those boys in Bly, even if I can’t remember the name of the movie we saw.

Who needs fish when you have memories like this?