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Ohnaą's War Song Amazoni/English

Story ID:6960
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Ohnaą's War Song Amazoni/English

Hoashką stahsh-gah wee-hee bay-ote
mayjoe ah-rots et sh'wup
Hoashką wah-lahn toe pay-opsh
jay wo-poosh

Hoashką may et-esh
Hoashką may ohdah
Hoashką cohą eyeote Et jay kootseh

Em-yahp-poosh hook
mayjoe wo-poosh sonnah
Hoashką coyo coe hoo-goo
weenah yahtoo fosh
Hoashką coyo coe hoo-goo
weenah yahtoo kootseh

Hono enha bohką
es mahshkeh

I stand with bow
my arrows are sharp
I wear the paint
of war

I am fearless
I am strong
I have no fear of death

Enemy hear my
war song
I will see how
well you fight
I will see
how well you die

Honor in battle
is mine