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I Am Et-esh Amazoni/English

Story ID:6962
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I Am Et-esh Amazoni/English

Hoashkà may Et-esh wo-poosh chaynah
d'nah joe-dah seh-ah
Mayjoe no-eh mestahs et-esh

Hoashkà ohday cojay see-has
woochuh d'nah fresh-peh Em-yahp-pooshs
Hoashkà may toe weekahnsah
jay toe joe-dah Ohnaà

Wee-yeh hoashkà lee mahesh
threw-petch bohkà d'nah see-has
es ahdah betoga jo-sh'kah
d'nah bo-chah stoshdah

I am Et-esh war chief
and great warrior
My name means fearless

I own many horses
wild and from enemies
I am the friend
of the mighty Ohnaà

What I like more
than battle and horses
is a good joke
and boar stew