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Amazoni #30 Serpent Demon

Story ID:6981
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Serial Fiction
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Amazoni #30 Serpent Demon

Lisa Godin

Chapter 1
The bow and quiver-armed Ohna led a befuddled Ojah by the hand.
"Where are we going?"
Ignoring the question, the warrior continued leading the way.
"I cannot go anywhere now," Ojah protested. "I have hides to flesh, moccasins to mend, clothes to wash."
The couple reached the corral.
Ohna whistled for her ancient Appaloosa who trotted stiffly to his mighty mistress.
"This trip is yours, Ojah. You shall eat plump rabbit felled by my unerring arrows. You shall do no skinning or cooking of our meals. I shall make passionate love to you. Is that more pleasurable than chores?"
Nodding Ojah followed Ohna into the corral.
Ohna gracefully vaulted upon Appaloosa. Offering a muscled arm, she easily hoisted Ojah behind her. Gripping the warrior's waist and pressing against her hard back, Ojah inhaled deeply the pungent musk of Winkle Leaf perfuming Ohna's long, raven mane.
A light squeeze of the Shesh-Amazoni's powerful legs against Appaloosa's ribs eased him into a canter.
Ohna and Ojah rode for hours through tepid breezes until they reached a valley where calf-high yellow grass bordered a forest to the right, granite mountains supporting an inviting cave trimmed the valley's left side. They halted before the cave. Dismounting, Ohna helped Ojah down.
"This is a beautiful place, my warrior."
"It is most fitting. Stay here. I must make sure the cave is safe."
Cautiously entering, Ohna examined the ancient cavern's walls, thickly caked with jagged granite. Its floor was luxuriously carpeted with red moss. Warm and dry, the cavern ended two hundred yards into a lumpy wall. Ohna squatted several paces before the wall, judging the spot a good location to build a fire. Ripping up handfuls of dry red cave floor moss for fuel, she placed it in a neat pile. Rejoining Ojah, she led him by the hand inside.
"The forest will have many rabbits. I will not be long."
Ojah sat beside Ohna's moss pile. Remembering her declaration that he do no work, he sighed with boredom. To keep occupied he toyed with the moss pile.
Piercing the forest, Ohna discovered rabbit tracks leading to a leafy bush. Dismounting she peeped through its tangle, spotting the wiggling nose of her prey. With a grin she unshouldered her bow and rattled the bush. The terrorized plump black rabbit bounded from its hiding place, zigzagging several yards before being dropped by an arrow. Shouldering her bow, Ohna gathered her prey by its ears and examined it.
"Ah yah! You will make a fine meal for us."
After collecting sticks for the cooking spit, she rode swiftly back to the cave.
Kneeling beside Ojah, Ohna delved into a belt pouch and drew out two craggy Spark Stones to set the handfuls of moss afire. Quickly butchering the stout rabbit, she assembled the spit with expert hands. The meat was soon roasting.
"I am not used to doing nothing, my warrior."
Ohna grinned.
"You can take comfort in knowing I will not chew your food for you."
Ojah giggled.
After the meal, Ohna made passionate love to Ojah. They both sat up with the warrior tenderly cradling Ojah in her powerful arms.
"It did not take much to please you, my mate."
"Being with you is enough for me, my strong one."
Ojah caressed Ojah's mahogany-skinned forearm, reveling in the smoothness of her skin and the corded muscle beneath. A devilish glint in his eye, Ojah exposed Ohna's left ear and blew into it.
Growling softly in arousal, Ohna settled Ojah upon his back.
Chapter 2
Ohna's energetic lovemaking settled Ojah into deep sleep.
Quickly dressing in her skimpy skins the warrior stalked out of the cave to Appaloosa placidly chewing a mouthful of tough grass. Gazing upon the double full moons, she inhaled deeply the crisp breeze refreshing her muscled physique oiled with sweat.
"It is a good night, Horse. My belly is full, I have made Ojah happy. It will be many days before we return to our people. For now, I have no cares."
Appaloosa snorted and stamped.
Ohna nodded.
"Leave it to you to remind me that I do have cares. Even here I cannot fully relax for I must protect Ojah."
Twitching an ear,Appaloosa dipped his head to crop another mouthful of grass.
Entering the cave, Ohna stopped dead in her tracks. Slithering toward Ojah was a silver, foot-long baby pebble snake. Its three-pronged, red tongue swelled at Ojah's inviting scent. Squatting, the warrior tapped the mossy ground with a fist. Feeling the vibration, the venomous viper turned toward the distraction, its turquoise eyes staring malevolently. Ohna tapped the earth again. Slithering up to her, Pebble Snake reared and hissed. With lightning speed, Ohna seized his throat. Hissing, Pebble Snake thrashed his long body back and forth, his silver scales clacking like an Amazoni rattle. Tightening her grip slightly, Ohna crushed his throat.
"Ah yah! If you were not poisonous, I would cook you for a meal. You body will instead strengthen others of your kind."
Ojah awoke the next morning to the aroma of roasting rabbit. Quickly he dressed and joined Ohna at the fire.
"I did not hear you leave to hunt."
Slicing off a chunk of rabbit, Ohna handed it to Ojah.
"When I do not wish it, no one hears me. You are a sound sleeper anyway."
"I am not."
Ripping off a piece of meat from her larger portion, Ohna popped it into her mouth.
"It is so, Ojah. Otherwise you would have heard the deadly baby pebble snake rattling before I killed it."
"Thank you."
Ohna inclined her head slightly.
The rabbit was quickly consumed.
"Where will we go today?"
"I shall take you to a glade where there is a great waterfall. My mother, Codot, brought me there as a child. We can swim, watch fish and turtles, turn over rocks to watch the insects along the banks.
"Not far, we can walk."
Chapter 3
Hand-in-hand, the bow and quiver-armed Ohna and Ojah ambled the short stroll to the forest glade, a spectacular site for Ojah to behold.
Surrounding the huge, rippling pool of chilled water, boulders stood sentry duty. Lush flower and fern bloomed. Upon the bank of white sand were strewn countless multi-colored pebbles and fist sized rocks.
Backing the pool rose a mammoth cliff polished by a waterfall of frigid water that boomed and sprayed liquid fury.
"Even Trader Jo-teff does not know of this place, Ojah."
"It is too beautiful to share with Outsiders."
Ohna nodded. She led Ojah to a huge black boulder.
"It was here I sat. I was but fourteen seasons. I fasted and prayed to the spirits after my first battle. Here, I was granted my vision and greater power. Here, did I truly become the warrior all know."
Ojah reverently ran a pale hand along the onyx boulder glossy with age.
Lurking in the vegetation, hidden from even Ohna's well-tuned senses, coiled a terrifying adversary, watching and waiting for the opportunity to strike the mighty Shesh-Amazoni and her beloved.
Chapter 4
Ohna, stripped of her bow and quiver, dove into the pool's frigid water and swam beneath its rippled surface, emerging before the falls. "Come Ojah!" she called. "Enjoy the water!"
"It will be cold."
"It is good! It makes the heart pump stronger!" Ohna swam with powerful strokes into the shallows just shy of the bank. "I will come and bring you kicking and screaming into the water."
Reluctantly Ojah entered the water, his soggy fringed dress weighing him down.
"I do not swim well," Ojah confessed.
"I will stay with you."
The afternoon was spent with Ojah treading water, Ohna laughingly swimming circles around him playfully splashing and teasing him. Seeing him tire, she guided him onto the bank. With a grunt, she sat.
"That was a good swim. You did well."
"I enjoyed myself."
Overhead the blue sky suddenly grew ominously gray. Thunder rumbled in the distance.
Ohna donned her bow and quiver.
"If we run we can be inside our cave and I can hunt our rabbit before the rain."
Ojah nodded.
Chapter 6
Thunder boomed like an irate cannon. Hot rain drenched the earth in heavy sheets. But Ohna and Ojah, safe and dry within their grotto enjoyed plump herbed rabbit.
Or were they safe? Their drenched secretive foe, slithering through dripping foliage, maintained its vigil. The time to strike was growing nigh.
The rain spirits unleashed their thunder and lightning outrage for hours.
The Amazoni couple awoke refreshed to a chorus of chirping birds and sunshine flooding the cave.
"Come with me hunting."
Ojah grinned, for to see his warrior in predatory action was a rare thrill.
Clutching her bow, Ohna led the way, eyeing the ground for tracks, her nose attuned for the scent of prey. So absorbed she didn't notice how far ahead she had stalked until a scream pierced the muggy air behind her. Whirling, she witnessed Ojah wrapped within the rattling, silver-scaled coils of a pebble snake similar to the one she'd killed in the cave--only this one was full grown. Stretched out it would have covered a mile, with coils thicker than the mightiest tree trunk.
Heart racing Ohna fearlessly ran to the gigantic reptile.
Serpent Demon stared, his lidless, turquoise eyes cold and soulless, unrepentant of its entanglement of Ojah. Flicking his swollen three-pronged red tongue, releasing a challenging hiss he clinched tighter Ojah's chest.
"Do not struggle, Ojah," Ohna commanded.
"I cannot b-breathe!"
"You must have no fear."
Ojah nodded.
Realizing Serpent Demon's immense size and thickness would render arrows useless, Ohna resolved to destroy him in fierce, hand-to-hand combat, avoiding his poisoned fangs, for one drop of pebble snake venom could kill a hundred Amazoni.
Expert with the knife and intending to wield it with all her tremendous might just to loosen Serpent Demon's coils, Ohna was hungry for battle.
Chapter 6
Divesting herself of bow and quiver, Ohna voiced a shrill battle cry as she drew her knife, hardly caring that Serpent Demon had no ears with which to tremble at her voiced ferociousness.
Ojah, comforted by his warrior's yodel, relaxed, passively awaiting her strike.
Ohna slashed one of Serpent Demon's titanic silver-scaled coils.
In pain and rage, Serpent Demon reared his great head and hissed.
Ohna slashed again, spilling a waterfall of thick, red blood mixed with tattered flesh
Repeatedly Serpent Demon snapped at Ohna, who, like a boxer, struck and retreated from all counterattack.
Gradually, Ohna sliced a cave-sized hole in the coil, the resulting blood loss severely weakening Serpent Demon.
Ojah wriggled free and ran several yards to watch the dramatic duel in safety.
Locked in battle fever, the release of Ojah wasn't enough to quench Ohna's hunger for a kill. Entering the hole she'd carved she ran through the pulsing reptile's innards. Finding his feebly beating heart, she repeatedly punctured it before fleeing.
Escaping the still beast, drenched in red serpent blood, hefting dripping knife overhead, Ohna shrilly voiced a screech of victory.
Ojah ran to his warrior.
"In victory, I will claim a piece of Serpent Demon's skin to prove my mighty deed."
"May I show it?"
Grinning, Ohna nodded.