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One Plant at a Time

Story ID:7058
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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One Plant at a Time

One Plant at a Time

When ďMother NatureĒ
Wonít comply
Holds back on the rain
And the corn field is bone dry

Only thing left
Is to grab the water pails
Fill them at the stream
Grab onto the bails

Make that climb
Up from the river
Out into the field
For thirsty plants to deliver

With manual irrigation
Tender Lovin Care
Water to keep them hale and hearty
For a healthy crop to bear.

Iíve hauled water in buckets, as a kid
Up the riverbank, quite a pull
Out into the tomato patch
Each tomato plant got only two dippers full

That old sun
Shined down unmercifully
As I watered each plant

I only had fifty plants or so
In a couple of hours then Iíd be done
Iíd be swimming in the
Walnut River having fun.

This person watering the corn
Has a never-ending chore
By the time he finishes
The first watered plants are calling for more.

From sunup till sunset
His job will only end
When he finally has those ears of corn
Safely into the grain bin.

Canít doubt this manís fortitude
Backbone by the ton
Takes a good man with grit
To work daily out in the hot sun

To save his field of corn
Few bushels for money, few bushels for feed
With favorable weather
He will succeed.
Monte L. Manka 04-02-11